Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Biogas from waste comes to Flint

Let's hope this project works well, as it could then be replicated at many more waste treatment plants, reducing cost and producing renewable energy from a waste product. Biogas can be upgraded to use like natural gas, including as a fuel for converted vehicles or vehicles built to tun on natural gas.
Swedish Biogas Starts Construction Of New Biogas Plant In Flint City, Michigan, US - Energy Business Review: "The $8-million- to $10-million plant will be built on city's wastewater treatment plant. The project is expected to be operational by next fall. Human waste treated at the wastewater treatment plant will be used to create biogas."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Distributed pre-processing for cellulosic ethanol

One of the biggest limitations for cellulosic ethanol is the need to transport huge quantities of bulky biomass. If this biomass can be easily processed to increase energy density near where it is harvested, this would decrease transportation cost. Pyrolysis is one such method. The result of pre-processing is then pyrolysis oil which could be shipped by pipeline or tanker. The article linked below hints at another possiblity--cellulosic sugar. This dry substance could be stored and shipped like grain.
BioFuels Journal - News & Information for the Ethanol and BioDiesel Industries: "Comet Biorefining has demonstrated this unique technology at pilot scale and estimates that cellulosic sugar can be produced for as low as 7 cents per pound based on laboratory testing."

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fertilizer from corncobs

Nitrogen fertilizer is usually made from natural gas. Now bioammonia will be made from Iowa corncobs.
SynGest, Heartland plan to make bioammonia DesMoinesRegister.com The Des Moines Register: "SynGest Inc. has signed a letter of intent with Heartland Co-op of West Des Moines to explore a partnership to make and sell ammonia from corncobs."