Saturday, January 07, 2012

Capturing flared natural gas

Apparently, the natural gas that comes along with oil production (associated gas) in smaller oil fields is usually flared because economies of scale are not sufficient to pipe the Nat gas out our liquify it. Carbon Sciences is announcing a technology which will allow this natural gas to be made into synthetic crude oil that can be mixed with the crude and piped our in the existing infrastructure used for the normally produced crude oil. If it is economical as they claim, this could be a good idea for profits, world oil supplies, and the environment.
Carbon Sciences - News:
Byron Elton concluded, “Associated gas is a big problem for resource holders and can negatively affect oil field economics. By converting this excess gas into synthetic crude oil using our low capital, clean-tech solution, we believe we can deliver both economic and social value to oil field operators. We intend to aggressively target oil field operators with our CarbonCrude solution.”