Friday, April 28, 2006

Ethanol pipelines to be built in Brazil

Yes, it is possible to transport ethanol in pipelines. Many press reports and lists of ethanol drawbacks make it sound like ethanol simply cannot be transported by pipeline, which would lower costs. The story below shows this is false. The limitation is that ethanol and gasoline cannot be shipped in the same pipeline without special cleansing procedures in-between. These dedicated ethanol pipelines in Brazil are not affected by that issue. If cellulosic ethanol and ethanol derived from waste biomass comes online in a big way in the U.S., then sumilar pipelines might become viable in the U.S. -- Jeffrey Goettemoeller
"Brazil's Petrobras plans to build a $500 million network of sugarcane
ethanol pipelines by 2008 in a move that could help the oil company become one
of the world's largest distributors of the popular fuel additive, a Petrobras
official told Platts Thursday. "

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