Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Rooftop Windmill Of Your Very Own

The usual advice I've read is to keep wind generators away from buidings, but this is an entirely new type of wind generator designed for rooftop instalation. Noise and vibration are low enough for this application. They produce a fraction of the output of larger units, but there are many locations they could be installed. They could supply a great deal of our power needs. A 5 year payback is quite favorable compared to other renewable energy investments. We need to get this rolling in the United States. At a wind power conference I attended last year, this wasn't even on the radar of the experts or attendees. -- Jeffrey Goettemoeller
A Rooftop Windmill Of Your Very Own - Newsweek: International Editions -
by Benjamin Sutherland, Newsweek -- April 24, 2006 issue
"Most rooftop turbines are designed to pay for themselves after about five years of moderately favorable wind conditions common in temperate climates like those of Europe, the United States and Japan."

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