Saturday, August 26, 2006

SW Kansas Electric/Biofuel Complex will Recycle all Byproducts

The Hutchinson News, Hutchinson, Kan., | Regional News:
by Tim Vandenack -- August 24, 2006
"As envisioned in a complex flow chart outlining the plans, waste from one facility would be used to help power another. For instance, flue gas, or combustion exhaust, from the coal-fired generators would be fed into the algae reactor, which would produce the algae oil that would power the biodiesel plant.
Manure, animal fat, paunch and wastewater from area feedlots, packing plants and dairies also would figure heavy in the mix. Fat, more properly known as tallow, would help run the biodiesel plant, while wastewater and manure would be fed into the anaerobic digester, which would generate the methane that would help run the ethanol plant."

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