Friday, May 25, 2007

"Sugar Car" could make hydrogen on-board from sugar or starch

Perhaps we will one day be able to put starch or cellulosic materials directly into our fuel tanks, by-passing the need to make ethanol or other biofuels. That's what this research at Virginia Tech seems to be aiming for, increasing efficiency vs. the ethanol route. -- Jeff G.
News Story | Virginia Tech News | Virginia Tech :
By Susan Truelove -- May 23
"The vision is for the ingredients to be mixed in the fuel tank of your car, for instance. A car with an approximately 12-gallon tank could hold 27 kilograms (kg) of starch, which is the equivalent of 4 kg of hydrogen. The range would be more than 300 miles, Zhang estimates. One kg of starch will produce the same energy output as 1.12 kg (0.38 gallons) of gasoline."

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