Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ethanol Byproduct Could Play Role in Fighting World Hunger

The "DG" referred to below is distiller's grain, a by-product left after ethanol production from corn. Most of the important nutrients are in the DG. Ethanol is made from the starch portion of corn kernels. Starch is usually not in short supply for diets around the world. -- Jeffrey Goettemoeller
Ethanol Producers & Consumers breaking news:
October 9, 2007
"DG can enhance our food. We can add protein and fiber to our regular foods with the inclusion of DG as an ingredient in those foods. Think of kids and the junk foods they devour. We can enhance pizza crusts, bread sticks, cereals and chips. Think of older people and their nutritional needs. We could include DG in the Meals on Wheels program. Sprinkle DG on the foods we regularly eat to add protein and/or fiber. Think of overseas programs. We send our whole grains to poor countries. Yet, missionaries return home and tell us they do not have a means of preparing whole grains. They need the protein and vitamins, and already have many forms of starch. So, why not keep the starch here in the U.S. and turn it into the fuel we need in this country, and send them the nutritional parts of the grain. Make the DG into a food bar, which can be easily transported, distributed and eaten. Just imagine the savings in transportation costs. Find a way to add the DG to their traditional foods."

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