Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Austrian motorists can choose a cellulosic biofuel

It looks like cellulosic biogas may be the first fuel to market made from cellulosic feedstocks. Grasses are digested in a fairly simple process that results in a biogas. The biogas can be upgraded so that it can directly replace natural gas. Cars can be converted to run on this upgraded biogas or natural gas. It looks like an idea that may rival cellulosic ethanol, especially when you consider that energy crops developed to maximize biomass could result in much increased yields over the grass being used in Austria. Also, many areas of the world already have a natural gas pipeline system for transporting and distribution. There would be no problem with tranporting biogas in these pipelines. -- Jeffrey Goettemoeller
Bioenergy pact between Europe and Africa:
Novemeber 24, 2007
"Austrian energy company Salzburg AG has opened its first biomethane gas station for cars in Eugendorf."

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