Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dynamotive Energy Systems to Bringing Pyrolysis BioOil Production to Missouri

Fast Pyrolysis is yet another currently viable process for making a renewable biofuel from cellulosic materials. We don't need to wait for cellulosic ethanol technology to be perfected! Rather, we can go ahead with other biofuels. This company is already making BioOil in Canada, and this new facility in Missouri will use wood waste products as the feedstock. BioOil can directly replace heating oil, meaning that it can immediately displace some of our petroleum imports. Bio-gas is another renewable biofuel that can be made from cellulosic materials. It directly replaces natural gas when upgraded. -- Jeffrey Goettemoeller
Dynamotive Energy Systems to Build First Commercial Plant in U.S. to Produce BioOil From Wood Residues in Willow Springs, MO
Dec. 20 -- Grainnet

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