Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bateria increases poplar biomass yield up to 50%

Poplar is being researched as a promising crop for cellulosic ethanol production. These trees grow very fast, even on marginal land unsuitable for most types of food production. It has long been known that many plants rely on organisms such as fingi and bacteria to optimize uptake of nutrients. The research described in the linked article seeks to optimize this relationship by innoculating with the most desireable types of bacteria. This technique might have applications for food crops as well. Farmers already innoculate legume crops on a routine basis to improve nitrogen fixation from the air. Other types of innoculation might be a good way to unlock the potential of nutrients found in the soil, but in a form that is unavailable to most plants.  
Greentech Media: Green Light � Blog Archive � Good News for Zeachem: Bacteria That Increases Poplar Growth

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