Friday, November 13, 2009

Investment in Ethanol from Sweet Soghum

DPG Investments LLC plans to invest in ethanol from Sweet Sorghum. This is a promising development becasue of the efficiency and simplicity of converting sorghum sugars into ethanol as opposed to starch from grain. Starch must be broken down into simple sugars. The drawback is spoilage of simple sugars and transportation costs for the raw feedstock.. Various approaches have been investigated for meeting these challenges such as making silage or on-farm pre-processing of sorghum cane. DPG's appeoach will to install small ethanol biorefineries on the farms where the sorghum is grown, integrating them with farming operations. This will drastically the cost of moving feedstock.
New Venture to Finance Sorghum-to-Ethanol Projects - Domestic Fuel: "A new venture could provide up to $376 million for projects that will turn sweet sorghum into ethanol"

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