Monday, February 27, 2012

Ethanol plant to convert to biobutanol

Biobutanol has long been considered as the next step in biofuels because it can be used at higher perecentages in existing cars and works better with existing infrastructure. But it is only now beginning to show potential on a large scale as an ethanol plant in Redfield South Dakota will soon be converted to making biobutanol from corn kernels. They expect to get 40 million gallons of butanol from the same 18 million bushels of corn a year that had been converted into 50 million gallons of ethanol. Animal feed should continue to be an important byproduct also produced by the plant.
Redfield, SD, ethanol plant to convert to biobutanol:
Butanol has traditionally been used as paint thinner, cleaner and adhesive, but as a fuel additive it contains more energy than ethanol and could be blended into existing cars at higher percentages. Hitchcock said he expects the plant to be more profitable selling fewer gallons of the new product.

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