Friday, March 31, 2006

Saab hybrid/ ethanol concept would run on electricity and up to 100% ethanol

The significance of this car is in combining hybrid electric with the very best ethanol technology. The Saab Biopower engine uses turbo boosting to achieve better mileage on ethanol. This one also allows up to 100% ethanol while still adjusting for ethanol free gasoline if ethanol is unavailable. These technologies need to be deployed in less expensive car lines as well. It would allow us to drive many more miles on the available biomass resources. -- Jeffrey Goettemoeller
Saab debuts world's first dino-free hybrid/first hybrid convertible - Autoblog:
by Stuart Waterman -- 3/31/2006
"The car combines a 260 hp, 2-liter turbo BioPower engine capable of running on pure (E100) ethanol fuel and driving the front wheels with dual electric motors driving the front and rear wheels. Saab's new SIDI direct injection system allows the switch from blended ethanol/gasoline to pure ethanol, even in cold weather."

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