Monday, December 11, 2006

Mixed Species Native Prairies better than Corn for Ethanol Production

The key to this Minnesota study is it shows that a diversity of native prairie grasses and forbes (broadleaf flowering natives) can produce a great amount of ethanol per acre. This mixed stand was invented by nature and it is what built the soil of the great plains into some of the reichest, deepest soil in the world. Expanding such plantings will improve wildlife habitats, soil quality, and water quality while producing much more ethanol per acre than is now possible with grain crops. If this is not a win-win idea, I don't know what is. Government policies should be changed to encourage planting these bio-diverse mixed plantings of native plants on CRP land and marginal lands for energy production. -- Jeffrey Goettemoeller
Native Prairie Plant Bio-based Fuel alternative to Petroleum better than Corn based Ethanol | Best Syndication:
by Dusty Rhodes -- Dec. 11, 2006
"A study from the University of Minnesota's College of Biological Sciences found that a mixture of native perennial grasses and other flowering plants are a better source of energy per acre compared to corn grain ethanol or soybean biodiesel."

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