Saturday, March 17, 2007

DuPont's biobutanol strategy could deliver multiple benefits

If DuPont and BP can perfect a viable production process, it's hard to see how it would not make sense to switch from ethanol to biobutanol production and use in most cases. The ability to mix at higher levels with gasoline and greater ease in pipeline shipping alone would be huge advantages. -- Jeff G.
DuPont Leader Reviews Strategy to Bring Next Generation Biofuels to Market : "It resolves fuel stability issues in that
biobutanol-gasoline blends can potentially be distributed via the existing
fuel supply infrastructure; it improves blend flexibility allowing higher
biofuels blends with gasoline; it improves fuel efficiency (better miles
per gallon) compared to incumbent biofuels; and, it enhances
ethanol-gasoline blends by lowering the vapor pressure when co-blended with
these fuels. Biobutanol is targeted for introduction later this year in the
United Kingdom."

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