Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hong Kong Engineers Develop Micro-Wind Turbine

This looks like it might be a true affordable micro-turbine that could be installed almost anywhere without the problems of mounting, vibrations, etc. Importantly, they say it generates electricity in winds as low as 2 meters per second (about 4.47 miles per hour). Units can be linked to produce greater amounts of electricity. Conventional wisdom says wind generators must grow ever bigger to become more competitive. Perhaps microturbines can be competitive by going smaller, with more of them. Every homeowner could have one in most areas, especially where net metering is available. Cumulative power production could be considerable -- Jeff G.
Hong Kong Engineers Develop Micro-Wind Turbine:
March 25, 2007
"Unlike conventionall wind turbines with 50-meter-diameter rotor blades, the compact micro-wind turbines are equipped with specially designed plastic gearwheels with a rotor diameter of just 26 centimeters."

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