Friday, August 10, 2007

DOE to Provide funding for increasing efficiency of FFV's, E85 Ethanol

This is certainly a step in the right direction for ethanol. These technologies will allow vehicles to go more miles on fewer BTU's from ethanol. The lower cost of E85 could reflect a real savings when fueling these new ethanol-optimized vehicles. This will also effectively improve rthanol's net energy balance because a given amount of ethanol will do more work. -- Jeff Goettemoeller
Department of Energy - DOE to Provide up to $21.5 million for Research to Improve Vehicle Efficiency:
DOE press release -- August 7, 2007
"Seven of the eleven projects selected total up to $15.3 million in DOE funding and will focus specifically on improving flexible-fuel engines and light-duty vehicles that operate on ethanol-gasoline blends up to 85 percent ethanol by volume (E-85). Research will seek to take advantage of favorable properties of ethanol blends without diminishing gasoline fuel efficiency. "

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