Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Senators urge blender pumps for ethanol

A group of senators is urging UL to approve "blender pumps" that would allow the customer to choose the percentage of ethanol. This would allow selling various ethanol belends with just two storage tanks--one for ethanol and one for gasoline. The two would be blended at the pump. If we would go a step further and remove the prohibition-era requirement for denaturing ethanol, expenses at ethanol biorefineries could be reduced. Currently, most ethanol producers use gasoline as the denaturant. They need tanks and infrastructure for blending at the biorefinery that would not be needed if the requirement for denaturing were removed. -- Jeff Goettemoeller
Obama Works to Expand Use of Biofuels Nationwide | U.S. Senator Barack Obama:
March 17, 2007
Contact: Ben LaBolt
Urges Underwriters Laboratories to certify 'blender pumps' to make E85 fuels more accessible to motorists across the country"

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