Monday, October 03, 2005

emulsions of hydrated ethanol in gasoline and diesel

Hydrated ethanol is less expensive and takes less energy to make than anhydrous ethanol, in addition to the emmissions advantages listed below. If the emulsion technology would allow Hydrated ethanol to be mixed with gasoline and diesel without too much added cost for the emulsifiers, it could be a significant development in the cost and net energy balance of ethanol. This product might also be shipped more easily by pipelines if phase separation is reduced.
emulsions of hydrated ethanol...:
"The hydrated ethanol/petrol emulsion researched in this project directly addresses issues relating to the use of ethanol/petrol blend in unmodified vehicles. Such an emulsion has a lower vapour pressure, greater water tolerance and, potentially, reduced NOx emission on combustion compared to the 10% anhydrous ethanol/petrol solution currently used internationally. If these advantageous physicochemical properties are confirmed there is potential to replace the use of anhydrous ethanol/petrol solution internationally."

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